Friday, June 27, 2008

Top 10 Global Intellectuals

As per Dennis's request, here are the top 10 public intellectuals of the world, according to Foreign Policy magazine:

1). Fethullah Gulen (Turkey)

2) Muhammad Yunus (Bangladesh--winner of the 2006 Nobel Peace prize!)

3) Yusuf Al-Qaradawi (Egypt)

4) Orhan Pamuk (Turkey--winnter of the 2006 Nobel prize in Literature!)

5) Aitzaz Ahsan (Pakistan)

6) Amr Khaled (Egypt)

7) Abdolkarim Soursh (Iran--"widely considered one of the world's premier Islamic philosophers")

8) Tariq Ramadan (currently in Switzerland, but considered to be another top Islamic philosopher)

9) Mahmood Mamdani (Uganda)

10) Shirin Ebadi (Iran--winner of the 2003 Nobel Peace prize!)

The first American shows up at No. 11--Noam Chomsky.

And the top write in candidate: Philosophy major Stephen Colbert!

Time to brush up on my Soursh and Ramadan!

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At 5:33 PM , Blogger Dennis said...


Also: Amazing - and interesting - how heavy the top 10 is in terms of people from the greater Middle East who have since moved to the so-called West and/or who study Islam. It kind of puts into perspective American's inflated sense of self-importance.

I can't believe Fareed Zakaria picked Kissinger as his "most overlooked" intellectual.


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